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Using the Voice Assistant



- Setting up the Voice Assistant

- Creating a Log- Detailed Instructions on Creating a Log

Setting up the Voice Assistant

In order to enable the Voice Assistant, select the profile icon on the top left corner.

Upon arriving at the "My Health Profile" page, select the gear in the top right to access settings.

On the "Settings" page, select the button to the right of [Voice Assistant (beta)]

After reaching the "Start a new pain log" page, select the red record button towards the bottom of the page.

Say and record the phrase "log my pain."

From that point on, the voice assistant will be available after the user says "Hey Siri, Log my pain."

Instructions on how to use the Voice Assistant

To begin use of the Voice Assistant, say "Hey Siri, Log my pain." That will bring up the following page:

Siri will ask if you are ready to log your pain. Say "Yes" or select [start]. This will bring up the "How is your pain overall" page, as well as a prompt requesting access to the Microphone. Say "Yes" or select [ok].

Then say a number from None to 10 to indicate your overall pain.

The following page will record activity level. Say a number from 1 to 5 to indicate the level of activity for the individual.

Please say how you slept to record the quality of sleep.

Then say how you are feeling from a selection of emotions.

The following window will ask about treatments. Please say any treatments tried.

State and record all medications taken.

Record the location of the pain using the body map

If you are satisfied with your journal entry, you may say "Yes" when the app prompts you asking if the log is ready for submission.

Other Features of the Voice Assistant

The Voice Assistant recognizes several voice commands and responses including “Submit," "Help," "Cancel," etc. You may use these commands to navigate through a dialog with the Voice Assistant.

In addition to rating overall pain or physical activity by responding with a numerical value ranging from 1 through 10 or 1 through 5, there are also certain key words, instead of numbers, that may also relay the experience of the user including “mild," "moderate," and "severe.”

In order to receive information about the rate of progress in [Overall Pain], or [Activity Level] the user may say “Insights.” This will prompt the Voice Assistant to state the percentage in which the user has progressed. For instance if you say “Insights” while accessing your activity level, the Voice Assistant may return with “Your activity level went up 45%."

To navigate and move from one subject to another, simply say “My Treatments” or “My Medications”. The voice assistant will then change context on your command. Once you are finished saying your pain log, you may end the dialogue by stating one of three commands including “Done," "That’s It," or "That’s All.” In the event that a user wants to discontinue doing a log while only partially finished, they may say "cancel" at any time and the log will be discontinued. The user may also say "Help" in order to receive general assistance.

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