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Watch Out for These Signs of Depression


Each year millions of people go through a condition that is known as depression. But no one ones the precise reason for it or what really triggers it. However, one fact is known. It makes the person unstable, both emotionally and psychologically, rendering them from performing the day to day tasks of their life.

Anyone suffering from depression may not even know that they are exhibiting minor or major signs of it. If you see any of the given below signs in yourself or someone around you then it is recommended to seek professional help.

Sex drive

Depression also affects the sex drive of an individual. A person who may be very active prior to depression may show little to no interest at all in this activity anymore due to loss of libido. 


One of the most dangerous signs which can be expressed in depression happens to be self-infliction and developing suicidal thoughts and tendencies. If anyone suffers from this, they should consult a doctor immediately.

Prone to sadness

People suffering from depression always feel down right sad and pessimistic. They feel as if there is no hope and that they are a lost cause. This inhibits the user from performing their daily routine.

Loss of appetite and weight

This sign is very obvious and thus easy to read. It's self-explanatory. If you or someone around you experiences a sudden loss of appetite and weight, this may be a starting sign of depression.

They loath themselves

Another common sign of depression in people is that they began to doubt and blame themselves for everything that happens wrong in their life more than usual. This, paired with low self-esteem, can cause havoc for an individual's personality.


Many individuals seem to lose interest in all kind of activities. Something which they once loved to do or someone they once cared for means and matters nothing to them anymore.

On edge

Depression usually causes people to literally reach the edge of the line with all their family and friends' relationships. They begin to lack social capabilities and have no desire to interact with anyone anymore. Rather they are annoyed by the idea of it and may just like being in their corner of isolation.

Night terror

Another sign of depression may be insomnia being exhibited in people suffering from such a condition. They have trouble sleeping at night, and their sleep pattern becomes highly irregular.