Weight Loss Exercises for Chronic Pain

Source: Spine Health

Experiencing chronic pain does not mean that you stop being active. Inactivity only makes things worse by leading to increased weight and making your body vulnerable to various diseases. You can definitely stay active and healthy through weight loss exercises for chronic pain. 

Start with some gentle exercises

Whenever you start a weight loss program do so with low impact exercises such as water therapy or even walking. This will allow you to ease into physical activity without straining muscles or overstressing yourself.

Water exercises help people who feel chronic pain and want to get rid of unwanted fat because the buoyancy in the water neutralizes your body weight. It allows for free movement making it easier for them to do strengthening exercises without injuring themselves. They are also very effective for people who suffer from a painful joint condition like osteoarthritis.

Other gentle exercises include yoga, low-impact cardio and strength training. Even doing small tasks around the house, such as dusting, sweeping, etc. can help keep your body active, manage pain, and prepare it for comparatively intense activities. 

How weight loss may ease pain

Excess weight can cause many problems such as back pain as well as pain in knees and legs. It is advised by professionals to follow a sustained and regular exercise program to lose excess weight and prevent further suffering.

Exercise and movement increase blood flow which improves the distribution of nutrients to all parts of the body especially to the soft tissues around and in the spine. Regular exercise also keeps the ligaments, muscles, joints, and discs in your back healthy.

That’s why inactivity leads to more pain while regular exercise helps in pain relief. Physical inactivity for an extended period of time makes the muscles weak, stiff and de-conditioned.

Furthermore, inactivity results in weight gain which is the cause of a number of chronic diseases. Regular exercise is the key to reduction in chronic pain. It will improve mobility and help you to lead a more productive life.

The most important thing, before starting any weight loss program, is to consult your physician to ensure that it is completely safe for you. Whenever you begin a weight loss program, you will feel initial pain, but if you feel any major discomfort or pain, you should consult your doctor before continuing. 

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