Why Is Early Treatment of Neuropathic Pain Critical?

Source: MedicineNet

Central Nervous System Impact Over Time

Unlike various other forms of pain, neuropathic pain signals travel from the nerves to the brain instead of originating from the trauma site to the brain. Treating neuropathic pain early is imperative as advanced treatment may be required if pain is not dealt with in the early stages.

Side Effects Can Impact Daily Function

Delaying treatment, as with most chronic pains conditions, can increase the risk of other health-related problems. When neuropathy which goes untreated, anxiety, depression, cognitive impairment, and sleep disorders can surface and complicate your health.

Unusual Sensations

Changes in the central nervous system can be caused by persistent untreated pain over a prolonged period of time. These changes can make the body hypersensitive even to touch, which is known as “central sensitization.”

Treatment Options

There is no single treatment to cure or prevent neuropathic pain. Treatment options for neuropathy are as varied as the number of forms that neuropathy takes. Treatment is focused on the symptoms if the cause cannot be eliminated.

Three common causes for neuropathic pain are:

  • Nerve Compression: For nerve compression, decompression surgery releases the pressure on the nerve, thereby remedying the pain. This treatment is for situations which involve a small number of nerves within a compressed area.
  • Vitamin Deficiency: Vitamin deficiency may be a source of pain for patients who would benefit from a change in their diet or by adding supplements to their existing diet. This is regarded as treating the “underlying issue” as it affects blood sugar control.
  • Time for Healing: Time, believe it or not, may act as a healer in some situations involving injury to a nerve. The culprit in such situations is a sudden impact injury.
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