Back or Neck Surgery

If conservative treatments fail to reduce an individuals chronic pain, orthopedic surgeons can decompress a nerve root, enlarge your spinal canal (laminectomy), stabilize segment(s) of the vertebra (fusion) or reduce a deformity (scoliosis).

Surgery has a variety of side effects that include infection, poor wound healing, bleeding, blood clots, and blood vessel or nerve injuries. Other post operative challenges include: pain at the bone graft site, transferring pain from one area to another, scar tissue forming and causing additional nerve pressure and pain. Some surgeries are more likely to succeed. Frequently, the location and injury causing the pain are operated on incorrectly.

As with any medical procedure, back and neck surgery is not appropriate for everyone and you should consult with your doctor(s) to determine the right treatment for your condition.

Source: Spine Health
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