Living with Chronic Pain

Developing Your Support Network

For individuals who are living with chronic pain, having a strong support network that they can turn to when they need something (emotional support, physical support, ect), is just as important as a good pain management plan.

There are many different ways to get support. Online-based support groups can be an excellent source of emotional support. Online-based groups are accessible at any time of day or night and do not require any travel. There are groups for general chronic pain, specific conditions and even specific treatment options. The advantage of online groups is that it doesn’t matter if an individual is feeling physically up to going anywhere or if there pain is very high.

In-person support groups provide a place for individuals with chronic pain to connect. Many of these groups have an educational component of some type. While attending a support group may be more physically difficult, connecting with people in-person provides social opportunities and reduces isolation.

A support network should not be limited to support groups. It should also include connections with family and friends, who can provide help with physical activities or attend doctors’ appointments.

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