Living with Chronic Pain


Your Primary Care Provider is often the doctor that treats your pain first. In the event that the Primary Care Provider is unable to diagnose or treat your pain, you should ask for a referral to a doctor that is familiar with your specific symptoms. Most individuals with chronic pain are being sent to see a pain specialist to manage their pain once it is determined to be chronic.

Physicians specialized in pain getting more and more referrals as primary care physicians no longer feel comfortable prescribing medication for chronic pain. Once an individual is being treated for chronic pain, their pain management doctor is in charge of all their pain management prescribing, including after surgery, in some cases.

Anesthesiologists are often pain management doctors , who offer a great variety of pain treatments. Neurologists concentrate on the neural or nerve aspects of pain. Then there are physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians that seek to improve the individual's quality of life through physical therapy of reconditioning. These are three different types of physicians that function differently but have the same goal. In order to access these specialists, individuals should vocalize their needs and concerns.

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