Chronic Pain

Finding Hope and Purpose with Chronic Pain


What is Happiness to You?

Yes, chronic pain is awful. It can easily ruin your best days. However, if you let it make you feel helpless then you’ll never rise above it. One way to win against pain is to define happiness and try gratitude training. Your life may be tough but there is always someone else out there who has it far worse.

Talk About It

Chronic pain can be more than frustrating, it can make you feel isolated. Reach out to your friends and family and talk about how you’re feeling. Simply talking about your day-to-day and the way you feel can help you come to terms with everything.


One of the most proven methods of alleviating pain naturally is meditation. Even if you only meditate for 10 minutes per day, the impact can be huge.


Although it may seem counterintuitive, exercise is an excellent way to improve your health and decrease your pain levels. Begin a daily exercise program with low impact exercises. Do what you can and don’t push yourself to the point of more pain.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

This tired old saying holds plenty of truth. Studies show that laughing release feel good chemicals in the brain called endorphins and serotonin, which help to alleviate pain.

Reconsider Pain Meds

While prescription pain killers may be helpful in the short term, they may also be doing damage to your body and mind in the long term. Pain killers have been associated with an increased risk of depression and dependency, which can lead to an overdose. Think about other natural methods such as physical therapy and meditation.

Positivity Training

It really is all about mind over matter when it comes to pain. Science has shown that you can actually train your brain to be happier. This improvement in mood and outlook will dramatically help with your pain levels.

Start a Sleep Routine

A lack of sleep has been shown to make pain worse. Develop a sleep routine to ensure you get plenty of it. Keep the bedroom cool and clutter free. Power down an hour before bed. Take a hot shower and try drinking caffeine-free tea before jumping in bed.

Visit a Specialist

Your chronic pain may be too big of a job for your family doctor. This is why it’s imperative to visit a specialist who has worked with chronic pain patients. They can provide a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.