Meditation can quiet the mind, reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and remove the perception of pain by activating brain areas that process pain. Extensive research has been conducted on the physical and emotional benefits of mindfulness meditation and how it can more effectively manage pain symptoms.

Mindfulness meditation helps focus on self-awareness and attentiveness, bringing attention to bodily sensations, breathing, and positive thought patterns. Mental discipline, intention, and wakefulness are required for effective meditation.

There are symptoms that are commonly associated with chronic pain can be effectively managed through regular meditation. Starting a regular meditation program today, focusing on 5 to 10 minute meditation exercises each day, can help alleviate anxiety, depression, pain, and sleep problems.

The emotional benefits of meditation are just as important as the physical benefits described above. Individuals may recognize a new perspective on stressful situations, build skills to manage stress, and notice a reduction in negative emotions from engaging in meditation . Over time, as an individual become more familiar with meditation, they can experience increased patience and tolerance.

Source: Mayo Clinic