Living with Chronic Pain

Pain Connection Support Program


What is Pain Connection?

Pain Connection is a U.S. Pain Foundation program that provides those with a chronic pain condition a variety of educational workshops, support groups, and lifestyle tools. It involves everything from understanding the condition to receiving proper care.

What is the goal of Pain Connection?

The primary goal of the Pain Connection program is improving the lives of people with chronic pain through a variety of means. The program reassures those with chronic pain that they are not alone. Most importantly, it aims to place the power of control back into the hands of individuals to ensure they feel motivated and self-sufficient.

What is available for individuals with chronic pain?

Each person has equal access to various educational and support tools. Each month, Pain Connection hosts speakers and lectures concerning chronic pain. These lectures are educational and provide a sense of understanding for those living with chronic pain.

Individuals can also connect with monthly support groups and have one-on-one support. For those in need of assistance outside the program, Pain Connection offers information and referrals. Individuals can stay up-to-date with events and happenings with the free Pain Connection newsletter.

For more information, check out Pain Connection here.

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