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Potential Positive Impacts of Having a Parent With Chronic Pain

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Children of a parent with chronic pain are often affected in some way by their parent’s condition. Although the focus is often on the negative effects, there can also be some positive impacts.

Five potential positive impacts of having a parent with chronic pain include the following:

  1. Compassion and understanding
    When a child observes the difficulties a parent with chronic pain faces, it may help them develop understanding and compassion for other individuals in challenging situations. They may be more empathetic than children whose parents do not have a chronic condition.
  2. Independence
    A child of a parent with chronic pain may learn independent behaviors at an earlier age. For example, if a parent with chronic pain cannot bend down to tie their child’s shoes, the child may need to tie their shoes on their own out of necessity. If a parent with arthritis pain cannot set or clear the table, the child may take on that task as a simple way to help.
  3. Adaptability
    A parent’s chronic pain may require changing plans at the last minute. For example, a planned afternoon bike ride may need to be replaced by a movie night. A trip to the zoo might need to be postponed for a different activity that requires less walking. These last-minute changes in plans can help a child develop flexibility and adaptability.
  4. Health and well-being
    Individuals with chronic pain typically prioritize health-related habits such as practicing sleep hygiene, consuming a well-balanced diet, taking care of mental health, and getting physical activity. When a parent models these behaviors for their child, the child is more likely to implement these practices in their own life.
  5. Strong family dynamic
    When a family faces a challenge like chronic pain, working through it as a family unit can strengthen the family dynamic. Working as a team shows the child that when difficulties arise, their family will support one another.

Emphasizing the positive effects and minimizing the negative effects of having a parent with chronic pain can improve a child’s quality of life and overall well-being.

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