Living with Chronic Pain

Virtual Reality as a Distraction for Acute Pain in Children


Distraction is a common technique used to reduce anxiety and pain levels. Injections, blood draws, dressing changes, surgeries, dental procedures, etc., can result in pain and anxiety in children. The effectiveness of virtual reality as a distraction for children who are undergoing painful medical procedures is being researched.

Virtual reality (VR) may be beneficial as a form of distraction and a technique to calm children. This is especially true since children have advanced access to digital technology. However, the question is raised on whether VR may provide a more effective distraction as compared to standard care.

Virtual reality and digital technology could potentially offer an effective distraction. It appears to be an innovative tool to distract pediatric patients before and after medical procedures. Additional studies are needed to determine the difference between VR and standard care.

Additional sources: Wiley Online Library

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