10 Foods that Cause Inflammation


10. Fried Foods / Deep-Fried Foods

Those French fries and chicken nuggets may taste great but they are also causing havoc in your body in the form of inflammation. Fried foods contain advanced glycation end products, more commonly known as AGEs. These compounds directly promote inflammation in your body.

9. Alcohol

Some studies suggest that ONE drink a day such as red wine can be great for your health. The problem is when you over indulge. When your body breaks down alcohol, it creates byproducts that spike levels of inflammation. Drink responsibly and always follow up with water.

8. (Some) Saturated Fats

While your body does need a moderate amount of saturated fats, it all depends on WHERE you are getting those fats. When you get saturated fats from sources like hamburgers and junk food, you are promoting inflammation. Instead, eat saturated fats from coconut oil and salmon.

7. Processed Meats

You know the kind we’re talking about. They are the neatly sliced meats hanging next to the cheeses. These processed meats are packed with AGEs, like we mentioned above. The only think you’re doing by consuming processed meat is promoting inflammation. Steer clear.

6. Trans Fats

This man-made fat was created for the purpose of lengthening storage time. It’s connected with high levels of inflammation along with promoting cardiovascular disease. Watch out!

5. Processed Gluten

Found in every popular, commercial brand of store bought bread, processed gluten can wreak havoc on your gut and body by promoting inflammation. Opt for homemade bread or visit a professional and buy sourdough bread. 

4. (Certain Types of) Dairy

Yes, SOME types of dairy contain gut-friendly probiotics but when you eat the wrong types of diary, you can actually promote inflammation in your body. Skip on processed dairy products like antibiotic-packed whole milk, sugar-loaded yogurts, and processed cheeses. Focus on fermented dairy products like Greek yogurt and milk kefir.

3. Artificial Additives & Preservatives

The same chemical compounds that turn your cereal purple and blue are also linked to a number of health problems including total body inflammation. Want cereal? Go with granola!

2. Artificial Sweeteners

Considered a breakthrough for sugar lovers, it turns out that artificial sweeteners may be just as bad as the real thing. Studies show that artificial sweeteners are connected to diabetes, weight issues, and inflammation.

1. Processed Simple Sugars

Found in candy, fruit juices, and processed white bread, sugar is the number one culprit for inflammation. Not only does sugar promote fat gain and suppress your immunity, it promotes an inflammatory response that may promote pain in your body.

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