10 Foods That Cause Inflammation


10. Fried Foods / Deep-Fried Foods

Those French fries and chicken nuggets may taste delicious, but they also cause inflammation. Fried foods produce advanced glycation end products, more commonly known as AGEs. These compounds directly stimulate inflammation in the body.

9. Alcohol

Some studies suggest that one drink per day, such as red wine, is good for optimal health. However, overindulgence leads to health problems. When the body breaks down alcohol, it creates byproducts that spike levels of inflammation. People should drink responsibly and always follow a drink with water.

8. Some Saturated Fats

While the body does need a moderate amount of saturated fats, the source of those fats is important. Consuming saturated fats from sources, such as hamburgers, pizza and certain red meats, triggers inflammation. Instead, individuals should eat saturated fats from sources such as coconut oil and salmon.

7. Processed Meats

Processed meats, such as hot dogs and packaged lunch meat are packed with AGEs which promote inflammation. People in chronic pain should watch their consumption of processed meats or avoid them entirely.

6. Trans Fats

This man-made fat was created for the purpose of keeping food fresh for a longer shelf life. It is connected with high levels of inflammation as well as increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Individuals with chronic pain should limit or avoid foods made with partially hydrogenated oils.

5. Processed Gluten

Found in most popular commercial brands of bread (except those specifically labeled “gluten free”), processed gluten causes inflammation of the digestive system. People should opt for homemade bread or visit a bakery and buy sourdough bread.

4. Certain Types of Dairy

Yes, some types of dairy contain gut-friendly probiotics; however, eating certain types of dairy actually promotes inflammation. Individuals with chronic pain should watch their consumption of processed dairy products, such as whole milk, sugar-loaded yogurts, and processed cheeses. Fermented dairy products like Greek yogurt and milk kefir are good choices.

3. Artificial Additives and Preservatives

The same chemical compounds that artificially turn foods into different colors are also linked to a number of health problems, including systemic body inflammation.

2. Artificial Sweeteners

Considered a breakthrough for sugar lovers, it turns out that artificial sweeteners may be just as bad as the real thing. Studies show that artificial sweeteners are connected to diabetes, weight issues and inflammation.

1. Processed Simple Sugars

Found in many processed foods, such as candy, cookies, fruit drinks and processed white bread, sugar is the number one culprit for inflammation. Not only does sugar cause weight gain and suppress immunity, it also triggers an inflammatory response in the body which may increase chronic pain.