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7 Signs That Indicate a Change of Doctors Is in Order


Changing doctors is often a challenging process, but remaining with a doctor who is not fulfilling an individual’s needs can be detrimental to overall health and well-being.

Below are some signs that a change is in order:

  1. Not seeing eye to eye.
    Although it is okay for an individual to occasionally disagree with their doctor’s opinion or recommendations, it shouldn't be a regular occurrence. An effective partnership between an individual and their doctor includes mutual trust and respect.
  2. The physician does not appreciate the individual’s time.
    Long waiting times to see a doctor or a doctor that rushes through appointments may be signs that a new doctor is in order. If a doctor is habitually late or is insensitive to waiting times, finding a doctor that is considerate of an individual’s time may be helpful.
  3. The doctor is not being clear enough.
    A doctor should give clear reasons for treatment recommendations. If a doctor does not offer thorough explanations, changing doctors may be necessary to reduce confusion that could lead to health risks.
  4. The doctor is not being transparent enough.
    If questions are not being properly addressed by a physician, there is a communication problem. In order to be helpful, a doctor should listen to concerns without interrupting.
  5. Feeling uncomfortable sharing personal information with a doctor.
    Doctors have access to an individual’s private health information. This information should only be shared with the consent of the individual. If a doctor shares personal information without consent, a change of doctors is in order.
  6. The doctor is not accessible.
    A good doctor is available for follow-ups and future concerns. If a doctor does not allow for follow-up questions or concerns, it may be time to find a doctor that is more accessible.
  7. The doctor is not respectful.
    If a doctor is impolite or condescending, it may be time for a change. An inconsiderate and disrespectful doctor can affect mental health. There are plenty of doctors who will listen to concerns in a genuine and attentive manner.
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