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A Doctor's View Into Treating Chronic Pain


Dr. Adrian Bartoli is dual board-certified in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Management; has graduate degrees in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry; has published in the fields of microbiology, neurosurgery, molecular biology, and pain management; and has Integrative training in acupuncture, yoga therapy, and traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal medicine. He founded the San Francisco Pain Management Center in 1999 and continues to practice in the Bay Area.

He believes the best way to treat chronic pain is to use every tool at our disposal in an integrative and interdisciplinary way. When chronic pain develops, early intervention is the key to restoration of function. Every patient is unique and should have a treatment program customized for their needs, which begins with a comprehensive evaluation and an accurate diagnosis. 

For some patients, simple adjustments to an existing exercise regimen and dietary changes are all that are needed. We might use acupuncture or injections for intractable headaches or spinal pain. For patients who have failed spinal surgeries complex regional pain syndrome, options like radio wave neurotomy or spinal cord stimulation are amazingly effective, allowing them to get off narcotic medications. Whatever the condition, our goal is to find the combination of treatments for each patient to allow a return to normal life with optimum health and wellness.

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