Core Strength

Core strengthening exercise (stomach and back) can help the spine balance weight, support mobility, and prevent and/or reduce chronic back and neck pain. There are multiple ways physical and mental exercise can help relieve chronic pain symptoms. We have broken down these core strengthening activities in three categories: flexibility / stretching, weight training, and cardiovascular exercise.

Flexibility Training and Stretching

Younger people often take flexibility for granted, and as they age and range of motion decreases, the importance grows more apparent. Yoga and flexibility training can help patients of all ages, and working with a trained professional to learn proper technique can help avoid injury and improve efficacy. Yoga and regular stretching can improve mobility, balance, stability and posture. A regular routine can help reduce the likelihood and intensity of chronic pain.

Weight Training and Core Strengthening

Strengthening core muscles can improve overall function and spine health to reduce chronic pain symptoms. For best results and to avoid injury, it is important to learn good technique from a certified professional that combines weight and resistance training to strengthen stomach and back muscles. Make sure to vary your workouts to trick your muscles, and make sure to focus on core muscles such as the external obliques and abdominals.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is essential to a well-rounded wellness routine and can help reduce weighted stress on the spine. Increasing the heart rate for 30 minutes daily can build endurance and help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Exercise can boost endorphins that improve the quality of sleep and mental health, while reducing the perception of pain.