Fun Physical Activities for the Entire Family


Chronic pain can negatively affect muscle strength, breathing patterns, energy levels, and mental health. Many individuals with chronic pain have restricted movements, limited range of motion, mobility issues, or balance concerns. This often results in reduced physical activity. Chronic pain also increases the risk of becoming unable to perform daily activities, such as shopping, household chores, and taking care of personal needs.

Physical activity improves health, such as reduced blood pressure, enhanced weight maintenance, improved sleep, and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. It also plays an essential role in the treatment and prevention of certain chronic pain conditions.

Physical activities for the entire family

Being physically active with family members is beneficial in various ways. It can bring a family close and allow for everyone to have fun together. It also creates great memories while reducing stress and anxiety. Examples of fun physical activities that can be done with the entire family include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Create a backyard obstacle course. This could be a competition with different courses for younger children. Make a playful award for the winner.
  • Walk the dog together. Since dogs need physical activity too, get the entire family involved when taking the dog for a walk. Let a different family member pick the route each day.
  • Play a game. Backyard soccer games, football, basketball, or tennis matches can bring fun, laughter, unity, and some friendly competition. Tag and hide-and-seek are also great choices, especially for younger children.
  • Have a dance party. Dancing is a great source of cardio and also provides family members time to be silly and laugh. Let each family member take a turn at blasting their favorite tunes.
  • Take a hike. Families can take a hike of their choice that everyone can enjoy. It’s also a great way to appreciate nature.
  • Do chores together. Most people do not enjoy chores, but finding a way to make them fun is beneficial. Assigning each family member one or two chores helps keep the house clean and fresh while not overwhelming one person. Raking leaves and jumping in the pile provides loads of entertainment and physical activity.
  • Plant a garden. Small children enjoy planting flowers and foods to watch them grow. This could also be a great educational activity.
  • Ride bikes. A family bike ride is a fun activity for all ages. It is also low-impact and provides many health benefits.
  • Enjoy a walk. Taking a walk to the store, library, or sporting event is a great way to enjoy physical activity. A walk to a playground can provide double the fun and activities.
  • Have a hula-hoop competition. Hula-hoops are available in various sizes and can fit anyone in the family. Have a competition to see who can hula-hoop the longest.
  • Jump rope. Not only is jumping rope a great cardio activity, but it also benefits the arms when swinging the ropes. Each person can jump rope solo or as a group.
  • Throw a Frisbee. Frisbees are an inexpensive yet fun way for the family to increase their coordination skills. They are easy to use and inexpensive.

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