What is ParticipACTION?

ParticipACTION is a nonprofit organization in Canada that aims to reduce sedentary time and increase physical activity. The organization works with government and corporate sponsors to develop initiatives that support and inspire individuals to move more in order to live longer and better lives. Example partners and funders include the Public Health Agency of Canada, Sport Canada, Queen’s University, and the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance.

What does it provide?

ParticipACTION provides information about body, mental and social benefits of physical activity. Also provided are guidelines and activity suggestions for children, teenagers, adults, and aging adults. The ParticipACTION website includes resources, such as blog posts and workout videos. There is also an app available with activity tracking and additional resources. Samples of ParticipACTION initiatives include a competition to identify Canada’s most active community and the chance to win a trip or other prizes for participating in physical activities.

Report card

The nonprofit provides a report card for adults and children, which “grades” behaviors related to health and physical activity. The report cards show progress over time. For example, in 2021, adults received a grade of C for engaging in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, compared to the F received in the 2019 report. Children received a grade of C+ for participation in organized sport programs, compared to the B received in the 2020 report. The report cards include data regarding specific subgroups of the population and recommendations for improvement in each graded area.

History of ParticipACTION

ParticipACTION was first launched in 1971. After a brief hiatus beginning in 2001, it was re-launched in 2007. To date, it continues to be a well-known physical activity social marketing organization.

Additional source: ParticipACTION