Living with Chronic Pain

Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Individuals With Chronic Pain

Source: WebMD

Individuals with chronic pain can take an active role in leading healthier, happier lives by incorporating healthy lifestyle habits into their everyday routines.

Making self-care a priority

Oftentimes, family and work take precedence over self-care. This can lead individuals with chronic pain to put symptoms of pain and fatigue on the back-burner. Unfortunately, by doing this, pain levels and fatigue can increase and family relationships and work are ultimately neglected. Individuals should make self-care a priority to ensure that other aspects of their lives remain healthy, too.

Managing stress

Juggling work, family and personal obligations naturally creates stress which can easily become amplified during an intense bout of chronic pain. Unfortunately, chronic pain also tends to amplify stress. This can become a harsh, never-ending cycle. Enjoyable activities, such as taking a walk, reading a book, listening to music or watching a funny movie (laughter is good medicine) distract the mind from pain and ease stress.

Exercising and meditation

Gentle exercise, meditation and massage are valuable tools in an effective pain-management plan. By staying active and focusing on breathing, the body and mind relax, which can have a positive impact on chronic pain.

Eating healthy

Individuals should eat “the rainbow” by incorporating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables into their diet. Fruits and veggies contain loads of antioxidants that promote the battle of free radicals (unstable atoms that can cause chronic pain and other health conditions).

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