An infusion is the distribution of liquid medicine into a vein. The procedure involves intravenous therapy which delivers medicine through a syringe at increased pressures, or an infusion which depends on the pressure supplied naturally through gravity to deliver the medicine into the vein.

In severe conditions in which periodic injections or oral treatments are insufficient, infusions may prove to be a viable option. Infusions may be used in a wide variety of treatments, including IV Steroids for MS Flare-up to Immune Globulin Intravenous treatment. There may be certain differences in receiving a medicine through an infusion as opposed to orally. While a medicine taken orally must travel through the GI tract and is broken down in the stomach and digestive tract, a medicine delivered through an infusion will be absorbed at a much higher percentage. Where as an oral medication may be absorbed at a rate of 50 percent, a medicine delivered intravenously may be absorbed at a rate of 90 percent. Infusions may be a preferable or necessary option depending on the condition or circumstances of the individual.

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