November Is International Nerve Pain Awareness Month


The history of International Nerve Pain Awareness month

In 2007, the International Pain Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, established a campaign in the month of November to spread awareness about certain types of nerve pain. In 2009, Barby Ingle created the term “Nervemeber®” (a registered trademark of the International Pain Foundation) to link November with the nerve pain awareness campaign. Over the years, the awareness movement has expanded from focusing on a few types of nerve pain conditions to any condition that involves nerve pain.

International Nerve Pain Awareness month presently

Currently, International Nerve Pain Awareness month helps to raise awareness of over 150 different conditions which have nerve pain as a symptom. Orange is the official color of the campaign. During November, different organizations support the campaign by creating and promoting events such as CRPS/RSD day (Color The World Orange™).

To learn more about International Nerve Pain Awareness month, visit the International Pain Foundation’s website at:

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