Pain Awareness Month


September is Pain Awareness Month.

How Pain Awareness Month Started

Pain Awareness Month started in 2001, when the American Chronic Pain Association connected with other groups to start the Pain Awareness Campaign. An important effort of the campaign was the development of Pain Awareness Month. This led to the development of the Partners for Understanding Pain, a coalition of organizations that have an interest in the personal, economic and social impact of pain on society.

Pain Awareness Month Now

Currently, for Pain Awareness Month, all over the world, various organizations that have a focus on pain, use this as an opportunity to raise awareness on issues regarding pain and pain management. Organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Health, American Chronic Pain Association, and more, all participate in this month. Many of the organizations work to provide information for individuals with pain to share with others, over a variety of types of social media. As well, individual groups often work, to have cities and states make declarations, to recognize this event.

PainScale & Pain Awareness Month

PainScale’s focus for Pain Awareness Month is on “What is Pain?”; this is a specific section within our Learn part of the app and website. This month, we are adding information on: the different types of pain scales, theories of pain, and pain specific symptoms. On our Facebook page, every Saturday, a member of our staff, who lives with chronic pain on a daily basis, will be hosting an interactive post that talks about different aspects of life with chronic pain. Finally, we have a special article for Pain Awareness Month. This article discusses what it is like to be both a doctor and someone who lives with chronic pain.

Pain Awareness Month Links:

Link to What is Pain? Section:

Link to Pain Scales:

Link to Pain Theories:

Link to Pain Pain Specific Symptoms:

We at PainScale hope that you will check out what we are doing for Pain Awareness month.

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