Living with Chronic Pain

Types of Support Groups


Chronic pain can be a desolate experience. Despite having a supportive group of family members and friends, many individuals feel alone and misunderstood. Turning to a group for support, comfort and conversation can help when dealing with chronic pain.

What is a support group?

It is often difficult to fully connect with others who are not knowledgeable of the challenges attached to chronic pain. Support groups bring individuals with similar experiences, such as chronic pain, together. Networking with others allows sharing and receiving information, ideas and thoughts, which can improve overall well-being.

Pain Connection

Pain Connection is a U.S. Pain Foundation program that hosts daily chronic pain support groups. They offer state-based, national, and specialized support groups. This allows those with a chronic pain condition to feel less isolated and improve daily quality of life.

Online forums

An online support group is a virtual means of communication that brings people with shared life experiences together. Talking with others who have similar issues can provide social and emotional support. An online support group can also be a low-cost approach to improve self-management skills and discuss effective ways to cope with chronic pain.

The Mighty offers support forums for people with chronic pain. The forums allow the ease of joining in on conversations with a supportive environment. Membership is free and only other members can view and reply to posts.

Chronic Pain Anonymous

Chronic Pain Anonymous hosts face-to-face groups and virtual meetings. It is a spiritual 12-week program and membership is free for those with chronic illness. Members offer support to each other, share experiences, and provide strength and hope.

American Chronic Pain Association

The American Chronic Pain Association currently has support communities in several states. Group members facilitate meetings to encourage others to create a meaningful life. The website offers educational material, news related to chronic pain, and information on research.

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