What to Expect During a Reiki Treatment


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary medicine practice that involves the transfer of energy to promote healing. Reiki is the Japanese name for “universal life force energy.” Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk, is thought to have founded the practice in the 1920s.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner places their hands slightly above the body or lightly on the body. The goal is to transfer Reiki, or life-giving energy, from the practitioner to the client. This is thought to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal.

What does a Reiki session involve?

  • Conversation
    The first appointment with a Reiki practitioner typically starts with a conversation. The practitioner explains the process and asks the individual about any areas of concern or any symptoms they would like to have addressed.
  • Preparation
    After the discussion, the individual typically lies down, fully clothed, on a padded table or mat. (In some cases, individuals prefer or require the practice to be performed while they are in a sitting position; this is called Chair Reiki.) The individual may be covered by a blanket, and relaxing music is often played in the background. Some practitioners may place crystals, such as rose quartz or amethyst, on or near the body. Crystals are thought to help release emotional or spiritual blocks to help promote healing.
  • Treatment
    During the treatment, the practitioner moves their hands close to the body in a series of positions. If they touch the body, it is with a light touch that should not cause any discomfort. Each position is held for approximately 3 to 10 minutes. The practitioner typically does not talk during the treatment.

    The individual may experience sensations in the body such as heat, gentle pulsing, or tingling. They may also experience visualizations such as seeing colors or memories. Some individuals do not experience any sensations or visualizations. Some people may become so relaxed that they fall asleep.

After treatment, it is normal to feel calm and peaceful. Some individuals may feel tired; whereas, others may feel energized. Individuals should drink plenty of water after a Reiki session.

Reiki sessions range from 15 to 90 minutes. It may take more than one session to notice any benefits.