Biofeedback is a procedure in which an individual responds to data produced by sensors placed on the body. That data may provide information about your vital signs, your brainwave, breathing, muscle, and sweat glands. This allows the individual to consciously act on functions that are usually involuntary and automatic.

Being mindful may combat the involuntary pain and persistent stress afflicting individuals with chronic pain. By using certain reactions as a counterpoint, an individual may actively relax in the event that there is tension found in the muscles or an uptick in the heartbeat. In this way, the individual is able to override their body’s response to pain or stress, replacing a usually unpleasant experience with mindful relaxation.

Biofeedback may also be utilized to treat many other conditions ranging from asthma and incontinence, to high blood pressure and Raynaud’s disease. This treatment path may be preferred since it is a noninvasive option. It seems Biofeedback is most useful in treating conditions that involve intense stress levels including eating disorders and muscle spasms.