Facet Joint Injection for Chronic Pain Relief



A facet joint injection can help patients suffering from chronic back pain, lower back pain, herniated disc, back injury or spine arthritis.

The Procedure

The procedure is relatively simple and takes between 30-60 minutes to administer and recover. It is performed without any sedation in a physician’s office or ambulatory surgical center. The doctor numbs a small area of skin and then uses x-ray guidance to direct the needle into the facet joint. A small amount of dye is administered to confirm accurate placement before injecting a small mixture of numbing anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication.

Risks and Complications

Facet join injections have risks and side effects including: elevated blood sugars, rashes, itching, weight gain, extra energy, soreness at the site of the injection, bleeding and in rare cases, death. Since the injection is outside the spine, there is minimal to no risk of a wet tap (spinal fluid leakage).

As with any medical procedure, facet joint injections are not appropriate for everyone. Please consult with your doctor to determine if this procedure is right for you.


These doctors specialize in chronic pain management and can help diagnose, treat, and manage your condition.


A doctor that administers medicine to put patients asleep during surgery, renders them numb for local procedures, or reduces chronic pain through injections.


A doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation that treats both acute and chronic pain with a variety of non-surgical treatments.


A surgeon that diagnoses and treats pain resulting from disorders of the spine, spinal cord, nerves, brain, intracranial, and intraspinal vasculature.

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