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How To Obtain Medication After a Natural or Man-Made Disaster


Natural and man-made disasters affect millions of people per year. When disaster strikes, it is important that individuals who take daily medication have access to their medicine. Not only can being without required medication pose a serious health risk, it can also add a sense of panic to an already stressful situation.

Options for obtaining required medication

A few options are available to obtain needed medication:

  • Some medical clinics may remain open and offer guest-dosing. Guest-dosing is when a health clinic provides medication to individuals who cannot obtain it at their regular health clinic. This often happens during disaster relief efforts after hurricanes or tornadoes.
  • Hospital pharmacies may also be an option. They may be able to dispense a limited emergency supply of prescribed medications to individuals. This is a good option for individuals with chronic pain who require pain medications.
  • Hospitals are also a good source to obtain information about other temporary outpatient clinics that may be able to provide medications.
  • Finding a pharmacy that was not affected by the disaster is also an option; oftentimes, medications can be transferred from one pharmacy to another, even if just temporarily.
  • If individuals are without power, transportation or cell service, finding the disaster relief hub is important. This service can help people get information to obtain needed medication.

Thorough preparation before a natural or man-made disaster strikes is essential, especially for individuals who take daily medication. Having a detailed plan can help individuals secure needed medications.

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