Prolotherapy Injection For Chronic Back Pain

Source: Spinal Health

Prolotherapy is a procedure that involves using an injection to treat injuries of the musculoskeletal system, such as connective tissues injuries, that have not responded to nonsurgical therapies or rest. The theory behind prolotherapy is back pain is reduce by promoting a healing response in the injured tissues or those with small tears.

Prolotherapy is used to treat many conditions that start in the back and neck and radiate to other areas of the body, including sciatica, whiplash, sacroiliac problems, and degenerative disc disease. It works by activating pain receptors within ligament or tendon tissues that are sensitive to pressure and stretching.

During the procedure, a substance is injected into the soft tissue, causing an inflammatory response where the needle is injected. The inflammatory response that causes a healing response and encourages the growth of new, normal muscle, ligament or tendon cells. The idea is to strengthen the injured or weakened soft tissue by repairing it, which will eventually alleviate the pain.

Projected success rates range from 80-90 percent when a trained physician performs the procedure. Anecdotal reports suggest that the process may result in a reduction or total elimination of back pain. It has also been shown to increase the strength of ligaments and tendons as well as within joint capsules. Individuals who are treated with prolotherapy may experience normal functioning again as well as reduced occurrence of injury to the injection site.

For the procedure to be successful, the individual must receive a proper diagnosis and continue with follow-up therapy. Side effects are rare and may include swelling, pain at the injection site, stiffness, allergic responses, spinal headache, permanent nerve damage , and pneumothorax.

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