Types of Exercise That Can Reduce Chronic Back Pain


People with chronic back pain can benefit from various forms of exercise that increase flexibility, strength and endurance.

Flexibility Training and Stretching

Flexibility training (such as yoga) and regular stretching improves mobility, balance, stability and posture. Working with a trained professional, such as a physical therapist or fitness trainer, helps individuals learn proper techniques to avoid injury. A regular routine can help reduce the intensity of chronic back pain.

Weight Training and Core Strengthening

Strengthening core muscles improves overall function and aids in spine health. For best results and to avoid injury, it is important to learn good technique from a certified professional. Combining weight and resistance training to strengthen stomach and back muscles helps support the spine. Varying strength training workouts provides the best results.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is essential to a well-rounded fitness routine and aids in weight loss which decreases stress on the spine. Increasing the heart rate for 30 minutes daily builds endurance and helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Exercise boosts endorphins which improves sleep quality and mental health and also reduces the perception of pain.