Living with Chronic Pain

Using the PainScale App to Help Care for Someone With Chronic Pain


Caring for someone with chronic pain can be overwhelming at times. Meet PainScale — the innovative, free app dedicated to help individuals with chronic pain and their caregivers discover more about their condition, track their pain levels, and learn about different treatments for their condition from the convenience of a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What is PainScale?

The purpose of the PainScale app is to help individuals with chronic pain keep track of their pain levels, triggers, and treatments. PainScale also provides informative, relevant articles on a variety of chronic pain conditions to help users better understand their condition.

  • Informative articles
    With over 1000 informative articles on pain conditions, symptoms, treatments, and wellness, PainScale is a trusted source of information about chronic pain conditions. Listen to what individuals with chronic pain are saying about PainScale: Watch Now.
  • Pain logs
    Recording pain-related information in the PainScale app allows users to identify possible pain triggers, such as weather changes or specific activities, while also tracking how pain affects different aspects of everyday life, such as sleep patterns and mood. Pain is measured both overall and in relation to specific areas of the body. Additionally, the app keeps detailed records of treatments, including medications, so their effectiveness can be measured over time and shared with health care providers if so chosen. Watch what doctors are saying about PainScale: Watch Now.

How can caregivers use PainScale?

PainScale is also a valuable tool for caregivers of those with chronic pain. The website and companion mobile application offer informative articles and help individuals and their caregivers keep track of various aspects of the chronic pain journey. PainScale offers articles not only to help individuals with chronic pain but also to help their caregivers.

  • Pain management education
    It’s important to become educated about chronic pain conditions, especially the chronic pain condition the individual deals with on a daily basis. Understanding what someone with chronic pain is going through can help form a connection between the individual and the caregiver.
  • Tips for caregiving
    Caring for someone with chronic pain can be stressful. PainScale aims to alleviate that stress as much as possible. It provides important tips about caregiving, such as communication tips and how to mitigate stress.
  • Tips for self-care
    Most importantly, taking care of someone else requires self-care. PainScale provides simple and effective ways to make self-care a priority.
  • Becoming a champion for the chronic pain community
    Well over 100 million Americans live with chronic pain. PainScale encourages individuals to become a positive voice in the chronic pain community.

PainScale was developed to educate and help those with chronic pain, their caregivers, and their health care providers. Using the PainScale app can help improve the quality of life for both individuals with chronic pain and those who help care for them.

Check out the app to learn more. Download for free on iOS or Android.

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