Who Is a Good Candidate for Hip Replacement?


What is hip replacement?

Hip replacement, or hip arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves removal of damaged sections of the hip and replaces it with artificial parts constructed of metal, ceramic, or hard plastic. Replacing a damaged hip with an artificial joint (prosthesis) typically reduces pain while also improving functionality. Hip replacement is often performed when other treatment options fail to provide pain relief. The procedure usually takes approximately two hours to complete.

Who is a good candidate for hip replacement?

Hip replacement is considered major surgery. Oftentimes, it is required due to a hip fracture. In cases of hip pain without fracture, non-surgical treatments may help alleviate pain. However, hip replacement surgery may be recommended if non-surgical treatments fail to provide relief or if pain is uncontrolled and interferes with daily activities. A health care provider can help with making an informed decision concerning hip replacement surgery due to hip pain without fracture.

Certain circumstances increase the chances of having hip replacement surgery. Individuals with any of the following conditions may be a good candidate for hip replacement surgery:

Hip replacement surgery may also be recommended to reduce certain types of hip pain. Individuals may be a good candidate for hip replacement surgery if they have hip pain that:

  • persists, despite pain medication, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, or weight loss.
  • worsens with walking, even with the use of a cane or walker.
  • interferes with sleep.
  • persists in the groin or frontal thigh.
  • interferes with getting dressed.
  • limits walking up or down stairs.
  • occurs even when stationary.
  • causes difficulty sitting or rising from a seated position.
  • occurs when bending at the hip.
  • worsens when putting on socks or shoes.
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