Yoga is an ancient practice originating from India over 5000 years ago. Yoga unites mental disciplines with the physical allowing for the relaxation of stress and anxiety. Yoga may lessen stress, lower blood pressure, lower the heart rate, as well as improve fitness and help manage chronic diseases.

The physical side of Yoga can be seen in the Yoga poses, or postures. These poses, are movements and held positions promoting increased strength and flexibility. Furthermore, breathing and mindful inhalations and exhalations bring forward the notion that the body may be controlled and the mind may be quieted just as your breathing may be controlled and managed. Relaxation also plays a major role as meditation may help to bring greater mindfulness and awareness of the present without passing judgment.

Studies have also been conducted that suggest Yoga may reduce exaggerated stress responses which may be helpful with anxiety and depression. By lessening the perception of stress and anxiety, Yoga may affect stress response systems. Other studies have found that Yoga may increase tolerance to pain through the regulation of their stress and therefore, their pain responses.