Chronic Pain

Managing Severe Leg Pain

Source: Pain Doctor

Leg pain affects a vast majority of people at different times throughout their life and can be caused by anything from long-term chronic illnesses to acute injuries on the sports field. Needless to say, because leg pain can affect anyone from elderly women in the garden to teenage athletes on the football field, the treatments that are offered for severe leg pain are highly variable. Thus it is critical to find a physician who will spend time with you to properly determine the underlying cause of your leg pain. Once the cause of the pain are recognized, the physician will work with you to develop an all-inclusive treatment plan that focuses on relieving and managing your leg pain.

If you are experiencing leg pain, you should contact your pain specialist or trusted doctor immediately to learn as much as possible regarding your pain condition. It is crucial to understand the pain that you are experiencing so that you can fully participate in a pain management plan. If both the patient suffering from the pain and the doctor are wholly committed to alleviating your leg pain, the treatment can be best personalized to the patient’s individual pain condition and lifestyle.

Leg pain can also show up in the hips, knees, and feet. To try to avoid the onset of pain in any of these body parts, we suggest several simple changes to your day-to-day routine.

  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day
  • Maintain good posture throughout the day and utilize good form in all activities
  • Begin any new exercise routines at a gentle pace
  • Cherish rest days and time off from activity if and when pain arises
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