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PainScale Community Discussion: What Do You Wish You Knew When the Pain First Started?


In recognition of Pain Awareness Month, the PainScale team asked members of the PainScale community the following question: What do you wish you knew when the pain first started? Here are the answers we received:

  • Chronic pain does not discriminate: people of all ages can develop chronic pain.
  • Pain medication is not the only treatment for chronic pain. Other treatment options, such as spinal cord stimulators, are available.
  • Doctors can abruptly stop prescribing an individual’s pain medication.
  • I wish I would have pushed my doctor to redo tests, not wait.
  • I wish I knew about the information in my medical file right away, not 10 years later when I can’t change anything.
  • Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are not the only pain medications available.
  • Individuals with chronic pain often have to deal with skepticism from others, as chronic pain is often “invisible.” A significant lack of understanding regarding their condition from family, friends, co-workers or employers can feel cruel and frustrating.
  • Pain medication can be addictive and can cause physical dependence and withdrawal.
  • Pain medication doesn’t cure chronic pain; some level of pain is always present.

We appreciate the contributions from the members of the My PainScale Facebook Page and the PainScale Feedback Group on Facebook

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