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Patient's Story: Misty C.



My name is Misty and I have mixed connective tissue disease, raynaud’s phenomenon, and fibromyalgia. I’ve tried medications and muscle relaxants to ease the pain, but they only provide temporary relief. When the pain is bad, my day-to-day activities are limited, and it can take hours to put on my makeup and get ready to go out. My husband sometimes has to help me get dressed and it’s difficult for me to drive.

PainScale gives me a place to learn about different pain relievers. I can see what works for other Fibromyalgia patients, compare my treatments, and feel like I’m part of a like minded community.

My advice to people in pain is to read and learn from others, and try to be in control of your own pain. PainScale’s Learn and Insight features can help you take charge, and I encourage you to try it today.

– Misty C.

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