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Patient's Story: Jose G.



My name is Jose and I hurt my wrist at work, and have neck and back pain from a herniated disc. I miss playing basketball and soccer with my two kids, and if I try and play for ten or fifteen minutes, the pain will keep me up all night.

Before using PainScale, I didn't know about some of the treatments out there. My doctor prescribed lots of things, but they only provided temporary relief. With PainScale, I can easily find articles that help me learn about different treatments like Radiofrequency Ablation that provide longer term relief. The articles are reliable because they come from the Mayo Clinic and WebMD, and I also like the stretching videos because they’re free and help relieve stiffness.

Before using PainScale, it hurt my wrist to write down my activities, and I couldn’t see what I did different, or why my pain got worse. Since I got the app, I can tap and answer a few questions, and add notes to remember what made it better or worse. I can also go into history and see all my old pain levels and location, which helps my chiropractor know what to adjust.

PainScale is a great app if you have chronic pain and want to learn about different treatments.

– Jose G.

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