6 Possible Causes of Left Arm Pain

Source: Mayo Clinic

Heart attack

Pain in the left arm can stem from a wide variety of things, including simple sore muscles or more severe heart issues. Because there is such a range in the severity of ailments that can cause left arm pain, it is critical to pay attention to this pain in order to lessen your risk of health complications.

Left arm pain can either be acute, wherein it comes on suddenly and only lasts for a brief period of time, or alternatively, it can be chronic and last for greater than three months. In addition, it can affect any region of the arm, including the shoulders, fingers, or elbows. 

Below we will detail the 6 most commonly occurring causes of left arm pain.

Physical injury or overuse

Physical injury or overuse is a less serious, albeit more common, cause of left arm pain. In this situation, the heart is typically healthy, but the left arm has become damaged in another way. Frequent injuries include a sports-related strain or sprain; a left arm, wrist, or hand fracture; tendinitis; a rotator cuff injury; a left brachial plexus injury; or a mastectomy.

Stress or pain attack

A panic attack can have symptoms that are very similar to a heart attack, sometimes even being mistaken for the more serious condition. Similar to a heart attack, panic attacks are accompanied by heart palpitations, sweating, and obviously left arm pain. If you see a doctor for regular physical examinations and your heart has been deemed normal, then an anxiety issue may be the cause of your left arm pain.

Bad circulation

For some people, poor circulation may present itself despite having a healthy heart. Some things that can trigger poor circulation include improper sleeping position, colder temperatures, certain medications, certain diseases, vitamin deficiency, physical trauma, and the development of a blood clot.


Angina is a component of coronary artery disease and is detailed as chest discomfort. A person may feel heaviness, burning, aching, pressure, fullness, squeezing, or pain as a result of a decrease in blood flow. The pain may stem from the chest, but travel to the left arm. 

Side effect of a medication

Most simply, some medications happy to cause left arm pain as an uncomfortable side effect. If you believe this is happening to you, it is recommended to speak with your physician to be certain that you medication is causing the pain you feel.

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