Medications for Specific Conditions

Some medical conditions have medications that are specific just for that condition. These condition specific medications, like the triptans or disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, have been developed to specifically stop or control the condition or its symptoms.

Migraines are a condition for which medication have been developed just to treat this disorder. Triptans work to narrow the blood vessels in the brain and prevent the release of chemical substances that cause inflammation. They are typically taken as soon as an individual feels a migraine is starting. They are often referred to as abortive medications, as they can stop or abort a migraine in progress.

Another type of condition-specific medications are disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs(DMARs). These are typically used to treat arthritis and related conditions. DMARs generally work by blocking inflammation. There are specific types of DMARs: traditional and targeted. Traditional DMARs will restrict the entire immune system, while targeted DMAR’s block specific parts of immune system cells.

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