5 Common Things to Avoid When You Have Fibromyalgia


Excessive or Limited Exercise

Fibromyalgia zaps your body’s energy. Avoiding over exercising is important as post-exertion fatigue will cause you to fall short of exercising even a moderate amount the following day. Daily moderate exercise is a major key in eliminating fibromyalgia.

How can you best gauge how much exercise to get? Calibrate your exercise by going until you feel somewhat tired but exhilarated. Your condition the following day should be at least as good as the day before. Find the sweet spot. Using a heart-rate monitor or activity tracking device can help you to develop a quantifiable metric to benchmark (and modify to further challenge yourself) daily.

Walking is indisputably a safe and easy-to-implement exercise routine. Similar to using a heart rate monitor, a pedometer allows an action plan to be implemented (with gentle incremental increases) and charted with ease.

Saying “Yes” Too Much

Don’t let others put more on your plate than you can handle. People with fibromyalgia have a greater tendency to fall into the category of those who accept too much. Practice saying “no”. Deliberately practice saying no and you will be more likely to reply with the answer that is fair to yourself the next time you are asked to take on an unfair load which increases your stress.

Ignoring Your Pain

Pain is your body’s way of communicating that something is wrong and requires attention. Trying to block the pain by continuing through the exercise is not advised.

Eating Excessive Sugar

Sugar will lower your blood pH level thereby worsening your condition. Avoid at all costs acidic soft drinks. Fruit drinks sweetened with sugar should also be avoided as candida overgrowth will become activated.

Not Getting Good Sleep

Sleep hygiene is vital in fighting Fibromyalgia. You likely are already afflicted with some degree of pain, but the general rules of letting your body and mind wind down still apply.

Avoid bright artificial lighting starting an hour before you are going to sleep. Listening to calming music in the hour prior to going to sleep can help prepare your body for deeper sleep quicker. Keeping a consistent sleep schedule is best.