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How to use the Medicine Cabinet


Welcome to the Medicine Cabinet - the new medication section on PainScale. This new feature allows individuals to search for medications, schedule and log the use of medications. The search feature enables individuals to search for medications based on name. All medications now come preset with the dosage, for example Acetaminophen 250mg.

The medicine cabinet will allow individuals to schedule medications for when they are supposed to be taken. Reminders to take medication may also be created through the PainScale App. Individuals can edit the quantity of each individual medication, allowing people to take an amount from 1 to 10 to 0.1. People will be able to add or remove medications from the Medicine Cabinet, found in the health profile. Additionally, when logging medications as part of a pain log, individuals can enable, disable or edit and existing medication, plus new medications may be added.

Check out this video to see how the Medicine Cabinet feature works!

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