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Healthline Recognizes PainScale as a Top Fibromyalgia App for Two Consecutive Years


The PainScale team is proud to be recognized by Healthline as one of the top fibromyalgia apps for two consecutive years, 2019 and 2020. The purpose of the PainScale App is to help individuals with chronic pain keep track of their pain levels, triggers, and treatments. PainScale also provides informative, relevant articles on a variety of chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia, to help users better understand their condition.

Recording pain-related information in the PainScale app allows users to identify possible pain triggers, such as weather changes or specific activities, while also tracking how pain affects different aspects of everyday life, such as sleep patterns and mood. Pain is measured both overall and in relation to specific areas of the body. PainScale’s detailed body map allows individuals to indicate the level and type of pain experienced in specific areas of the body. Additionally, the app keeps detailed records of treatments, including medications, so their effectiveness can be measured over time.

The PainScale app also provides an option to create individualized pain reports and insights to aid in pain management. This allows users to track the progress of current treatments, create a baseline pain level prior to starting a new treatment, and identify how their condition may or may not be improving in various areas.

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