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Connecting Your Healthkit


Every aspect of life is impacted by chronic pain; however, with modern technology, tracking physical activity levels, sleep patterns, heart rate, etc., has become beneficial in reducing chronic pain. Finding correlations between pain levels and data collected by wearable devices is useful in managing life with less pain and helping health care providers prescribe the most appropriate treatment plans.

PainScale allows easy integration with certain devices, such as Fitbit, Samsung health, or other devices that push data to Google Fit (on Android) or Apple Healthkit (on iOS). This enables users to seamlessly access wearable data and present it in the context of pain logs. In this series of articles, we will explain the steps needed to connect with one of these devices.

To enable Healthkit, access your “Profile” page through the “Person” icon in the top left corner of the home page.

On the "My Health Profile" screen, select the “Gear” or “Settings” icon in the upper right corner.

On the "Settings" screen, select “Health App & Devices” under the “My Info” header.

On the "Health Access" screen, select “Turn All Categories On.” On the "Health Apps & Devices" screen, select “Connect” on HealthKit.

On "Health Access" screen, select [Turn All Categories On].

On the "Health Access" screen, select “Allow.”

There will be a confirmation dialogue, please select “OK.”

Select the [<-] to leave the "Heath Apps & Devices", "Settings", and "My Health Profile" screen.

After connecting the Apple HealthKit and the PainScale App, the data will appear in the app immediately.

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