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Connecting Google Fit


When you suffer from chronic pain, every aspect of life impacts pain one way or the other. With the modern wearable technologies, tracking one’s physical activity level in real time, sleep patterns, heart rate etc. has become effortless and automatic. Finding correlations between the experienced pain level and the hard data collected by these wearable devices is not only useful to manage one’s life with less pain but also help physicians to prescribe the right care and treatment, backed by the real data.

Painscale allows easy integration with devices like Fitbit, Samsung health or any other device that already pushes data to Google Fit (on Android) or Apple Healthkit (on iOS) to enable users to seamlessly access their wearable data and present them in the context of pain logs. In this series of articles, we will explain the steps needed to connect with one of these devices.

To access Google Fit, access your “profile page” through the Person icon on the top left of the home page.

Upon accessing the “health profile page,” select the Gear or the settings icon on the top right. (All app configurations are typically available in this section)

On the “Settings page,” you may click on the [connect] besides Google Fit.

After selecting “connect,” the button will turn into “disconnect” once the Google Fit has been successfully enabled.

After connecting Google Fit and Painscale App, the wearable data will start appearing inside the app immediately.

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