5 Hand Exercises for Arthritis


5. Wrist Stretch

Although your hands may be where the most of the pain is, it’s important to stretch the entire area for maximum relief. Let’s start with your wrists.

  • Lift up your left arm
  • Place the left palm down
  • Take your right hand and apply gentle pressure on the left hand
  • Repeat on the other side

4. Finger Lifts

Effective stretching and strengthening exercise to help with stiffness and pain.

  • Lie your right hand on a flat table
  • Begin with your thumb and lift it off the table while keeping the other fingers down
  • Do this for each finger
  • Repeat with the left hand

3. Squeeze Your Fist

This is an effective exercise to loosen up a stiff hand; however, remember to be gentle. You don’t need to squeeze your fist like you’re about to throw a punch.

  • Begin by bringing your right hand into the air
  • Slowly and gently bend your fingers into a fist
  • Squeeze slightly then re-open your hand
  • Repeat with the left hand

2. Claw Hand or O

This is a great strengthening exercise that also helps to loosen up stiff fingers.

  • Hold your right hand up with fingers straight
  • Begin by bending the fingers and thumb to meet
  • Your hand will form an O or look like a claw
  • Repeat on the other side

1. Finger Bends

This finger-based movement can improve dexterity and flexibility in your hands.

  • Take your right hand and hold it with fingers pointing in front of you
  • First, bend your thumb towards your palm
  • Repeat with the rest of the fingers, moving back and forth
  • Repeat on the other hand
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