Hobbies That Help With Arthritis of the Hands


Arthritis is a condition that causes swelling and pain in the joints. Though it can affect any joint in the body, it often affects the joints in the hands. This can make daily activities and favorite hobbies a challenge.

However, some hobbies actually help the symptoms associated with arthritis in the joints of the hands. These hobbies can be easily modified to prevent pain or to reduce pain if it does occur.


Spending time working in a garden supports mobility and flexibility throughout the body; it especially helps the hands. Digging in the dirt and pulling weeds is excellent exercise for the fingers. Consider speaking to a local garden shop about plants that do not require too much maintenance. While gardening, individuals should take breaks as needed.

Knitting or crocheting

Working with yarn and knitting needles or crocheting hooks keeps the fingers moving, which helps prevent stiffness. Choosing tools that are comfortable to hold or that have ergonomic handles helps to prevent pain. Also, stretching the hands before getting started is beneficial.


Cooking strengthens the hands and wrists through chopping, mixing and stirring. If the chosen foods are part of an anti-inflammatory diet, eating what is cooked provides additional benefits. Using ergonomic knives and other helpful kitchen aids makes the task more enjoyable and less painful.


Working with a paintbrush and canvas is another great way to improve mobility and flexibility in the fingers and wrists. Choosing brushes that are light and have ergonomic handles helps to limit pain.


Yoga increases flexibility and balance and decreases stress. Yoga classes specifically designed for individuals with arthritis are especially beneficial. Yoga tutorials are also available online. Yoga poses can be modified to prevent or reduce pain by utilizing a block, strap, towel or blanket.

Enjoyable hobbies that keep the fingers moving and the mind challenged are extremely beneficial for individuals with arthritis of the hands. They loosen stiff joints, encourage stress relief and provide a welcome distraction from pain.

For added benefits, individuals should consider participating in these hobbies in a group setting, such as joining a knitting club or taking a local yoga class. Social activities prevent isolation and improve mood, which often reduces pain.