8 Tips to Reduce Pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis in Your Hands


8. Lift Properly

Regardless of how big or small an item is, if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in your hands then it will be imperative to start lifting properly. Use both of your hands when picking up things. Again, it doesn’t matter how heavy the object is; start getting into the habit of using both hands.

7. Use Your Palms

Continuing with the point above, when lifting objects with both hands, try to focus the weight of the object into your palms, not your fingertips.

6. Put Your Weight into It

When you approach an object that needs to be pushed or pulled, such as a door, get into the habit of using your bodyweight to move it. Stop relying on your hands to open things and start utilizing your full bodyweight.

5. Try a Rolling Cart

If you like to maintain your independence and routine, there’s nothing wrong with getting some help. A rolling cart can be a valuable tool when food shopping, organizing, or moving things around the house.

4. Make Small Changes

Speaking of grocery shopping, if you have always purchased larger sizes of items, it may be time to start downgrading. For example, instead of buying an entire gallon of milk, try buying two half gallons. They’ll be much easier to carry.

3. Upgrade Your Handles

Whether you love to cook or work with tools, it may be time to start adding extra padding to your handles to make things easier to grip. Pipe insulation is an effective and inexpensive way to do this.

2. Boost Your Grip

On top of using handles, you should start investing in easier ways to open lids or to tighten things. Whether it’s rubber gloves or a tool, it will make your life much easier.

1. Go Electric

It can be tempting to do things with hard work and elbow grease but if it’s causing you too much pain, it’s time to start switching to electric and/or self-automated appliances.