Weight Loss

Losing belly fat and strengthening core muscles can help the spine balance weight and support increased mobility. Through proper weight management, individuals improve their chances of preventing and/or reducing the onset of chronic pain.

Through healthy weight loss, you reduce the risk of pain-causing inflammation. Carrying excess weight can prevent your spine from properly absorbing daily impact and movement. Over time, individuals that carry excess weight may be impacted by herniated discs, sciatica, or spinal arthritis.

Break your approach to weight loss into manageable steps. Focus on changing your mindset from intermittent dieting to permanent changes to your eating habits. Create short and long term goals when you choose to start your weight loss regimen. Move at your own comfortable pace to avoid radical and immediate changes that may harm the body. Explore the variety of nutritional tips, exercises, and general wellness tips available to you -- find the right mix that works best for you.