Pins and Needles Pain Could Be a Concern


Normal Sensations of Pins and Needles

We all know that feeling when a limb falls asleep because we rested upon it or it was in an awkward position for too long. This type of pins and needles feeling is normal and rarely does it mean something is wrong. This is especially true if you only feel the sensation during these conditions.

When to be Concerned

If you are consistently getting the painful sensation of pins and needles without a direct cause, specifically in one part of the body, then this may be a sign of a larger issue.

The most common problem is neurological and could be a warning sign of a pinched nerve or general weakness in that area.

Pinched Nerves and Pins and Needles

A pinched nerve is caused when there is direct pressure being placed on a nerve. For example, if you have a slipped disc in your back, you may experience pins and needles because the disc is pushing on the nerve. It’s important to check with your doctor to rule this out if you have a constant pins and needles sensation in combination with other symptoms.

Pins and Needles in Both Feet

When you feel the sensation of pins and needles in both of your feet, it is important to visit your doctor as this could be a sign of peripheral neuropathy.

Evaluate and Decide

If you’re concerned about this pins and needles feeling, evaluate how often you get it and if it’s accompanied by other symptoms such as pain or numbness. If you are getting this feeling often, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your doctor right away.